How it works

Step 1

  • Call our reservation number to schedule your ride request. Once you call, you will have two options.


  • Option 1: To ride with Silver Lift we need a minimum one day notice.

  • Option 2: For Immediate On-Demand Rides we will get you Lift or Uber and we will charge you a $5.00 concierge fee and you have to pay the fee for Uber or Lift

  • Please make sure you have correct addresses and pick-up details when booking a ride.

  • If you are a first time customer, we will create a profile for you which will help us understand the details of your individual needs and other relevant information to successfully book your ride.

Step 2

  • If you have a cell phone and it can receive text messages or if you have an email address, you will receive a confirmation noticed.

  • For those of you who can receive text messages, you will also receive information about your driver and what type of vehicle will be picking you up.​

Step 3

  • Be ready 5 minutes early. Your ride will be on its way. Once the driver arrives he or she will wait up to 3 minutes. Please be punctual when the driver arrives, you don't want to get charged for a "No-Show". 

  • Upon arrival, the driver may call the passenger to let them know they have arrived. Once the passenger enters the vehicle, the ride will officially start. We will be able to track where the driver is on the map for the duration of the ride.

  • Please be aware that the driver cannot control traffic delays. 

  • Once you have arrived at your destination, our system will automatically bill your credit card or debit card on file and you will receive a receipt via email.

Terms & Conditions


Riders must have a cell phone.


You don't need a smartphone, but you do need a regular cell phone to use our services. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we had some challenges in the past with a few customers who had no cell phones that needed to be picked up at the airport, malls, and stores and when we arrived at the scheduled time the customer was not there, or they were still shopping and they were not ready for pick-up, or they were lost, or they gave us the wrong address and the list goes on and we had no way of contacting them. It affected our schedule to pick up other riders and it caused us extra time, extra resources, and extra expenses that we can no longer afford. 


We need that line of communication for many reasons. The number one reason is for your safety. It also allows us to:

  • reach you quickly

  • to locate you 

  • to remind you

  • to inform you

  • or we may need to contact you in case of an emergency.


It is also the most important tool you can ever have when you are in public and when you use a rideshare service. 

Having a cell phone with a basic plan is more affordable than having a landline. There are simple cell phone plans for seniors, as low as $14.99 a month with no longterm contracts. 

Visit: Jitterbug Direct or call 888-964-8824

Visit: T-Mobile Magenta® Unlimited 55 plans or call 1-800-866-2453


Thank you for your understanding.


 We currently do not provide service for:


  • Riders that don't have cell phones. Sorry guys, but we need a way to contact you to let you know we arrive, or to give you a driver status update, or to let you know that we might be running a few minutes behind, or to check on your status because we have other scheduled rides. When we can't get a hold of you it makes our job harder.

  • Customers that use a Wheel-chairs. Sorry, we cannot bring wheel-chairs in our vehicles. Riders must be ambulatory. 

  • Riders that need medical transport.

  • Riders that need emergency attention.

  • Riders that need physical assistance to be lifted.

  • Riders with Moderate and Advanced Dementia.

  • Riders that are not coherent or mentally stable.

  • Riders with poor hygiene. Please understand there might be other riders in the vehicle and poor hygiene will affect everyone in the vehicle.

  • Riders with open wounds subject of being a bio-hazard. 

  • Riders that are intoxicated or under the influence.

  • Riders with severe illnesses that may be contagious to the driver or other riders. 

  • Riders that are rude and violent. We have 0 tolerance policy. 

Penalty Notices

The rider may be penalized for the following:


  • Silver Lift cancellation policy
    We require a minimum of 1 hour prior to your scheduled ride during business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm to avoid $5.00 cancellation fee. 

If you need to cancel your ride after business hours, leave a voicemail 1 hour prior to your ride at (512) 893-4000 with your name, date and time of your reservation. A $5.00 cancellation fee will apply when you cancel after business hours.

  • Silver Lift no-show policy: 
    If you cancel your ride less than 1-hour notice it would be considered a no-show. Also, if our driver is already en route to pick you up and you don't show up for your ride a no-show fee equal to your estimated one-way ride cost will be applied. Please keep in mind that no-show fees are to compensate for our driver's time and fuel cost.

  • Silver Lift damaging driver vehicle policy:

We ask that ​you not damage our vehicles. We will hold you accountable.

  • Silver Lift cleaning fee policy:

A cleaning fee may apply if you spill food or a drink or if you discharged body fluids which may stain the driver's vehicle. 

  • Silver Lift wait time policy:

After 5 minutes of waiting, there will be a .30 cents a minute fee. Please be prompt, there are other riders waiting to be picked up.

  • Silver Lift lost item return policy:

Please be responsible with whatever belongings you bring. If you leave an item behind and we have to drive back to return it to you there will be a fee depending on the distance to pay for the drivers time and fuel cost. 


Ride Cancelation Acknowledgment: 


We reserve the right to cancel rides whenever:

  • there is a local natural disaster

  • severe inclement weather

  • when there is a local fuel shortage

  • when there are poor road conditions

  • whenever there is a major crisis that may interfere with safe transportations. 


Type of Service Acknowledgement and Release of Liability:

We are NOT a Non-Emergency Transportation Company. If you have a medical condition and need care during transportation, or rely on transportation to take you somewhere to receive treatment-care we may not be the right service for you. You need to contact a Non-Emergency Transport Company for your transit needs. 

Riders who do have a Medical Condition that wishes to use our service and opts out using a Non-Emergency Transportation Company understand and agree that we are not liable if your medical condition worsens during transportation and we are not liable for ride cancellations, late pick-ups, and not able to get to your appointment on time.

Medical Emergencies Acknowledgement:

If you have a Medical Emergency, please call 911 for transportation and medical attention.

Service Fees Acknowledgement: 

Silver Lift reserves the right to change their fees according to economic conditions and to cover operation cost.